Things to do in London: Quill London’s Modern Calligraphy Class

Whether you’re struggling for a gift for your mother, looking for an activity to book with friends or are just looking for a new hobby, I went to the best class last weekend. Run by Quill London, the Modern Calligraphy classes are guaranteed to start your new obsession and I can attest to the fact that you don’t have to be artistically gifted in any … Continue reading Things to do in London: Quill London’s Modern Calligraphy Class

Bargain Boots to see you through ’till Spring

I know Spring is coming and we should all be thinking of sandals, flip flops, mules etc, but this is England, and I still haven’t taken off my reliable winter boots. And to be honest, I’m getting a little sick of them. So I’ve been hunting the high-street for some more exciting but inexpensive boots to see me through until real spring (June perhaps?!) and … Continue reading Bargain Boots to see you through ’till Spring

7 Beautiful Cashmere Jumpers Under £100 

Right, before you call me a complete grinch, let me just say that I love Christmas. Mince pies, mulled wine, presents, food, etc etc, right up my street! But.. it is cold, tiring, and for most of December, I can think of nothing I’d prefer over some chill time at home with one of the better Christmas movies (I’m talking Love Actually, Home Alone, The … Continue reading 7 Beautiful Cashmere Jumpers Under £100 

Melting Snowman Gingerbread Biscuits

I Instagrammed these biscuits when I made them last year and they were such a hit I thought I’d post the recipe so we can all make them! They’re the cutest and easiest biscuits ever, and a great recipe to make with kids, although when I made them my niece was upset because she thought the snowmen were dying They’re gingerbread biscuits with a lemon … Continue reading Melting Snowman Gingerbread Biscuits

November Style Staple – Seven of the Cosiest Blanket Scarves

As John Snow would say ‘Winter is here.’ The weather is chilly, the mulled wine is mulling and it’s finally time to get your snuggle on. God knows we’d all prefer to stay in our jammies drinking wine and watching netflix, but for those days where you simply have to leave the house for boring tasks, some snuggly outerwear is just the ticket. And my favourite … Continue reading November Style Staple – Seven of the Cosiest Blanket Scarves

Skeleton Gingerbread Men

These gingerbread skeletons are my new favourite things to make. It’s the 27th of October, and I’ve already made (and eaten) 3 batches. They look adorable, and they’d be a perfect half term activity to do with kids (if you’re not too worried about the skeleton-y-ness..) And, even better, you don’t need any fancy apparatus, just a gingerbread man cutter and an icing bag, although any … Continue reading Skeleton Gingerbread Men

Halloween inspired wardrobe wonders you’ll want to wear all year

Elaborate fancy dress and jaw-droppingly gruesome makeup? Nope. I like to do Halloween a little more half-assed-ly, because, to be honest, Halloween is always a bit of a non-event. So, spending loads of cash on a costume and sanity on trying to do hideous makeup? No thanks. However, halloween is the perfect excuse for a number of things. Themed chocolate ✓, making my skeleton gingerbread ✓, spending … Continue reading Halloween inspired wardrobe wonders you’ll want to wear all year

October’s Style Staple – Five Fedoras Under £30

I have a real love/hate affair with Fedoras. I love the look of them (mainly on Pinterest), I love the idea of them, I especially love them on other people, but I usually hate my head in them. Which is why I am not willing to make a huge investment into one. And more importantly when they fly off with every gust of wind (which they always do), you … Continue reading October’s Style Staple – Five Fedoras Under £30


Seasonal trends can be difficult to embrace. Gareth Pugh’s SS17 jazzy marble crocs, Alexander McQueen’s 2012 Armadillo shoes, everything from the Naughties… Velvet on the other hand, is a trend I’m only too happy to get behind… It’s so easy. No matter what your style and your budget, there are velvet updates for everyone. Bored of plain leather courts? Try the ahh-mazing Topshop velvet ones in … Continue reading Va-va-Velvet

September’s Style Staple: The Bomber

Ah September. The most emotionally confusing month of the year. It marks the end of summer, which obviously equates to the solemn end of surviving off a liquid diet of Rose, in some weird, godly, wine/water switcheroo. But it does bring some joys; coats, cashmere and comfort food, winter luxuries can finally be justified. The weather front, is, however, dubious. Indian summer to torrential rain … Continue reading September’s Style Staple: The Bomber