Beautiful notebooks to help you get your s&!t together in 2017

One of my favourite things about New Year is getting a new diary, and although I made the mistake of buying an 18-month planner last summer, I’ve still managed to acquire an excessive collection of pretty notebooks. New year, new notebook and all that jazz.

I mean, bags are cool, shoes are pretty useful too, but notebooks are what it’s really all about. And I am obsessed (I mean *obsessed*). So obsessed that I not only insist on taking a notebook everywhere I go (hence I will never be a small-bag girl) but also insist on taking my last finished notebook everywhere too, just in case I need to refer back to a previous list or note (hence why I will always, in fact, be a pretty big-bag girl).

Last summer we went out on dinghy style boats while in Spain, and being sans notebook (or even a phone), rendered me pretty panicked. That day I vowed to buy one of those scuba pencil notepad sets for emergencies, (which I have not done, I’m not that weird).

Sure pukka pads are reliable, but I believe notebooks should be as exciting as the lists that will fill them (i.e. grocery lists, to do lists, shopping lists, chore lists, etc, etc).

So here is a collection of the most beautiful notebooks I’ve found (and in many cases purchased). Enjoy!


Papier Palm Leaves Lined Notebook – £12.99

Kate Spade Initial Notebook – £16

Quill London x Studio Sarah Personalised Notebook – £19.00


Ohh Deer Black Fleck Daily Journal – £4 (from £16!)

Skinny Dip Yas Queen Large Notebook – £16

Present & Correct Projekt Notebook – £7.50


Urban Outfitters Pink Palm Daily Journal – £16

Rifle Paper Co. Bon Voyage Journal – £32

Cambridge Imprint Seaweek Paisley Hardback Notebook – £12.50


Rifle Paper Co. Gold Foil Notebooks – £28 I Am Very Busy Mini Notebook – £10

House of Hackney Palmeral Notebooks – £14

P.S. mine are almost entirely full of lists of clothes I want to buy and nothing more useful/meaningful/deep.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful notebooks to help you get your s&!t together in 2017

  1. Wow 😲 I loved reading your post and looking at all the lovely notebooks. You’ve probably guessed I’m a stationary addict. Have sooo many notepads and sometimes think they are too pretty to be write in them 😜 xxx

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