September’s Style Staple: The Bomber

Ah September. The most emotionally confusing month of the year. It marks the end of summer, which obviously equates to the solemn end of surviving off a liquid diet of Rose, in some weird, godly, wine/water switcheroo. But it does bring some jonorwich17thsept-13ys; coats, cashmere and comfort food, winter luxuries can finally be justified. The weather front, is, however, dubious. Indian summer to torrential rain September dressing can be hairy. That’s why September’s Style Staple is the oh-so-versatile Bomber Jacket.
Season-proof and fool-proof, it will always solve the ‘I have nothing to wear’ dilemma (in the jacket section at least. The Bomber jacket is one of the easiest and most useful pieces to have in your wardrobe. Jeans and a t-shirt ✓, fancy dress ✓, work wear ✓, what more could you want? And the best bit? Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, there’s a bomber for everyone, and no matter how jazzy you go, it’s still effortlessly chic.
So here are a few of my favourites, (and a few in the sale!)
Left: ASOS WHITE Quilted Velvet Bomber Jacket – £85.00 here
Right: Free People New Romantics Embellished Baseball Jacket – £328 here
Left:Topshop Stripe Sequin Bomber Jacket – £75 here
Right: ASOS A Star Is Born Beaded Bomber Jacket with Pearls – £185 here
Left: Topshop Satin Bomber Jacket – Now £40 here
Right: Zara Denim Bomber Jacket with Back Print Details – £49.99  here
And last but not least, this amazing reversible bomber from Whistles. Whistles Carter Reversible Bomber – £150 here
Lots of love x

One thought on “September’s Style Staple: The Bomber

  1. Bomber jackets are an underutilized fashion accessory. They can be used (but rarely are) to make very strong statements about the wearer, ranging from confident/assertive to highly sexy. Those who know how to use this accessory really stand out from everyone else.

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