A Street Guide to Venice


I can honestly say that Venice is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. The people are lovely, the Prosecco is abundant, and I honestly can’t think of a better place to spend a few days, in a semi-drunk stupor, aimlessly wandering.

So here’s a few of my favourite Venetian haunts and a few tips on travelling.


Admittedly I’ve only stayed in one hotel in Venice, and that’s the Bauer, but it was so glorious I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. Breakfast is served on their terrace overlooking the lagoon, and I doubt I’ll ever feel so glamorous eating breakfast again. I would have stayed eating croissants all day if I could, watching gondolas sarcastically singing ‘c’est la vie’, while getting ready for another day of shipping tourists around.


The Bauer hotel was also the host of my favourite part of the trip – their rooftop bar. I have never been to a more stunning bar, and have never spend a savvier €40 on alcohol than the bottle of wine we bought. We sat up there all evening feeling very fancy, nursing our wine. When our tummies started to rumble we found a beautiful quintessentially Italian pizza place called Crazy Pizza, and sat on a quiet bridge over a little canal eating and feeling like we should be in some indie, sub-titled film.


And for the most glorious gelato you might ever eat, you have to try Sous Gelato. The flavours are magnificent (they have salted caramel), an incredible variety of cones, and a well deserved queue, it’s definitely worth the wait, and it’s close to some gorgeous old streets to wander while you lick.


A good map is vital, as you will never walk a more confusing route of tiny streets and canals. But it’s a glorious place to walk, and with some help from a kind concierge you can find some real hidden gems. Our personal favourites were the student area around the university where a large glass of Prosecco was €3 (we stayed there a *very* long time), and the gondola workshop near the lagoon.


Also, I wouldn’t bother with a gondola ride. They’re expensive, and the routes they take are always congested so you don’t actually see much in the 30 minutes you get. If you want to experience Venice by water I would suggest getting a water taxi instead. They are beautiful old speed-boats, so you see a lot more and you get the added benefits of feeling like James Bond.


I hope you all get to go to Venice, and I’d love to hear any suggestions on other favourite places in the city, or other cities to visit!

Lots of love


17 thoughts on “A Street Guide to Venice

  1. You look beautiful in these pictures,happy,been happy while staying a while in a place makes you see it beautiful.In reality Venice isn’t that beautiful,my brother lives there last 12 years.I liked your guide,choosing water taxi over gondola,finding the area around university for drinks in good prices.Since you liked that place,i say visit corfou when you can.It’s a greek island that will remind you of Venice but you will have also the benefits of beautiful beaches,endless green,hundreads of places for coffee,drinks,eat,clubs,has everything.


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