Chokers – How to wear them (And how not to)

For a long time I have considered chokers a dubious sartorial statement. I think my distaste roots in the nauseating flashback I get of those stringy ‘tattoo’ chokers in every party bag of every kids party I ever went to (along with the obligatory dodgy cake wrapped in napkin).

But now, summer around the corner, I am considering whether I have unreasonably tarred them with an unfashionable, tacky, noughties brush. I’m not sure if it’s solely the summer For Love and Lemons campaign, or if it’s the deluge of supermodels sporting them, but I think, when worn well, I might just love them.

So here’s a few tips of how to pull them off, and not look like said over-indulged children.


1. Avoid the really thick ones

Unless you’re a super model or giraffe, the super thick chokers are hard to pull off. Skinny velvet or silk in neutral colours are the easiest to wear, and the subtlest if you’re not convinced yet!

2. Stay clear of embellishments

They tend to look a little tacky and teenager-y. Especially steer clear of sequins, tassels, above all not go near the ‘gothic’ and ‘baroque’ chokers! Unless you’re a goth, or attending a very early Halloween party. If plain isn’t your style, try a pretty lace or ribbon, like this pretty pink ribbon one from Asos. The best thing about this is that it’s stretchy and completely comfortable.

3. Lariats are a great alterative

Lariats are a fantastic alternative, especially with work or evening wear,and can create a slightly more grown-up look. Plus they look fantastic with a low-cut or backless dress, and if they’re good enough for Jennifer Lawrence, they’re good enough for us.


4. If you’re less brave, try a slightly looser style, or a silk scarf

These work especially well if you’re slightly older, and silk scarves are always chic. This one from Asos is gorgeous, but sold out immediately. Similar ones can be bought on Etsy and Free People have some beautiful silk neck scarves

And finally, two warnings. Firstly, STAY AWAY from the tattoo chokers of 2003, literally no one wears them well. And secondly, stay away from anything that isn’t stretchy if you have a cold (I broke two sneezing!) Here’s a few of my favourites that are currently in the shops.

Enjoy, Lots of love x


22 thoughts on “Chokers – How to wear them (And how not to)

  1. Great post!!
    I remember those tattoo chokers from elementary school in the ’90s; every girl had one.
    Love those Asos chokers. Sadly, we don’t have Asos in Canada.



    Liked by 1 person

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