Scottish Tablet

Although at first I was reserved about Scottish Tablet – I’m not a huge fan of fudge, but I have firmly fallen for it’s crumbly, grainy texture with complete conviction. I began making it for my boyfriend – it’s his kryptonite (a bit like the Witch in Hansel and Gretel). Mainly to justify the quantity of chocolate I consume, obviously.  It’s also really fun to … Continue reading Scottish Tablet

The top dry skin beauty products (some might surprise you) 

Dry skin is such a bore. It makes fake-tanning a nightmare (which is, in itself, a nightmare) and it makes foundation patchy. Face-dandruff gets a thumbs down from me. However, I have now cultivated what I consider to be a pretty much perfect dry skin regime. I know that all skin is different, and this won’t work for everyone, but its made up of reasonable … Continue reading The top dry skin beauty products (some might surprise you)