The best £30 you’ll spend on beauty this year (or maybe ever)

Now, I might be late to the game (I often am), or I might be about to introduce you to a beauty secret that will change your life – or at least your look.Image (4)

Last weekend, I had a makeup lesson at my local MAC store. And despite my initial reservations – my natural ‘fight or flight’ instinct kicked in as soon as I was approached by Chantelle eyelash curlers in hand – it was fantastic.

The best part is that although the lesson cost £30, you get £30 of makeup afterwards, so it’s basically a free makeup lesson with a trained makeup artist. (Although I did spend a sizeable proportion of my monthly income afterwards.)

Whether you’re a makeup pro or a complete beginner, these lessons are a great idea. I for example, am okay. My liquid eyeliner is acceptably matching, and I own at least 3 different shades of lipstick. Most days I pass as woman.

However, liquid eyeliner and mascara can get a bit old (I picture myself mid-70’s liquid eyeliner in hand, in front of a 20x magnifying mirror.) So, when Chantelle asked what I wanted, rather than be a control freak like normal I asked for something different. I asked for a ‘summer look’ and left it to Chantelle.
When she returned with a basket (a basket!) of products my flight instinct returned. But with soothing words, she got to work and quickly my mind was put at ease.

She gave me three foundation stripes, pointed out which one best suited my skin tone, and gave me a cooler option or a warmer option. I quickly chose the darkest one (obviously).

Chantelle also told me to use a concealer slightly darker than my foundation to cover my (major) under eye circles, rather than a lighter shade, which was a revelation.

She gave me a subtle smokey eye with a browny creme eyeshadow and the most beautiful brown glimmering eye pencil (Teddy)

She finished the summery look with the most beautiful coral pink lipstick, that I would never ever have even gone near. And somehow, it looked great!

Heres a few tips to maximise your experience:

  1. Go with in idea of what you want – or at least an idea of what you don’t want. They are not mind readers, and if theres so
    me looks you don’t like, let them know!
  2. Go after payday! Although you get your lessons worth of makeup afterwards, you will definitely want EVERYTHING
  3. Go into the store to book, that way you can ask for who you like, or even whose look you like.
  4. Book well in advance.
  5. Get your glad-rags on and party away afterwards!

 And they also will apply your false lashes without an appointment, so I’ll see you there, 6.15, in your party dress, taxi waiting outside…




21 thoughts on “The best £30 you’ll spend on beauty this year (or maybe ever)

  1. First off you do look very pretty! Mac girls are real make up professionals. I’m 50 wearing Mac for forever, that eyeliner lmao. They haven’t taken it away from me yet, lol. I do loose it in summer . Mac lonwear pro paint pots are absolutely awesome for summer. Thx for sharing tips. I will stopping in for eye lash application. I didn’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear about the eyeliner, I’ll never let mine go! Il check out the long wear pro paint pots, they sound good! I guess you can’t really go wrong with Mac products and the fact they will put your false lashes on is just amazing!
      Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it! X


  2. Thanks so much for taking us through your makeover. You were right about the products, they look amazing…and worth eating soup for two weeks for. I have not tried MAC but will now. Some people gamble or drink, I just love to spend money on makeup!! Great write!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I know, it’s amazing, I think I’ve tried false lashes about 4 times, and everytime I’ve ended up going out without them but with a lot of the glue still stuck all over my eyelids (and face). It really is a revelation! X

      Liked by 1 person

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