Skiing in Laax, Switzerland – Mishaps, mayhem and mud.


Lucy&FlimsA few weeks ago a friend from uni and I travelled to Laax, Switzerland to visit our boyfriends and enjoy a long weekends skiing.

After an admittedly dodgey start, (the boys were so late to pick us up we’d drunk a whole bottle of prosecco (out of the bottle) and were feeling decidedly cross-eyed and cross by the time they arrived), we travelled to Flims to get settled into the POD Hotel where we were staying.ThePod

As you can see it was entirely adorable – yes, it’s basically glamping, but you couldn’t do it in a better fashion.

The skiing was also fantastic, amazing pistes, amazing weather, amazing food, however, as well as insist you make Laax your next skiing destination, I also want to advise on a few tips of how not to go skiing, because to be honest – I made a twat of myself, most of the time.Lucyatlunch

Tip 1

Don’t try and pretend to be 16 to get a cheap lift pass unless you have a good back story and a reasonable level of mental maths. My friend said she was born in 1995… which would make her precisely 21 years old. And then had to try to style it out using the age-old language barrier.

Tip 2

Don’t fall in the only patch of mud on the mountain in white salopettes. You will be shunned.

Even if you try to laugh it off like I did. It was followed with horrified looks from my boyfriend and 20 minutes of my standing like a chastised child while Paddy tried to clean me with 10431684_10156664072910293_3258650957790072070_n-2snow. It ended with me leaping into more snow and wiggling around in an attempt to clean myself. To this day we don’t talk about it.

Tip 3

Don’t leave your gloves on a Porsche (speedy) chairlift, while in a daydream about how much you like your gloves and how impressed you are that you’ve managed to keep hold of them for so long. And then don’t beg your boyfriend to race the chairlift off piste and rescue them from you, while you sit in the snow, once again like a chastised child. You will only worry that your boyfriend will die on route, and it will be all your (and your bloody gloves) fault.

Tip 4_MG_8889

Whatever you do, do not, I repeat, do not, listen to grime music (or any kind of hip-hop that makes you drive like a gangsta) and suddenly believe you are an incredible badass skier and straight-line a red run. You’re probably not, and you probably cant. I couldn’t.


Having said that, you should definitely go to Switzerland. It is beautiful, and the skiing is amazing, as is the hiking in the summer. AND the Prosecco is cheap, (although the Lindt, surprisingly and upsettingly isn’t.)Flimsatnight


Lots of love and travelling wishes.


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