Shoes to put the Spring in your step!

No it doesn’t feel like it, but technically Spring really is here.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean much, an hour less sleep, foreign-farmed daffodils and the dreaded “Easter weight” is the best we’re probably going to get.

But we have to embrace it anyhow, and what better way than with some beautiful spring fashion (aka not black). Spring shoes are a tricky one, you really just want to stick to your warm cosy (probably ugly) Winter boots, or better – slippers, so heres a few that are just as comfy as your winter boots, but, well, better ventilated.

The comfy heels – Whistles £150


I’ve wanted to try this trend for ages, but without looking punky and without spending £££££’s on the jaw-dropping Stella McCartney ones. And these Whistles ones are the answer – stylish, and clean and adds those few inches, thats, lets be honest, we could all use. And they have the added benefit of being above all of the April shower puddles.


The Smart flats – Jigsaw £89
7000385_3These Jigsaw flats are gorgeous, and I struggle to think of many occasions these wouldn’t be perfect. So reliable, so comfy and great for work and evenings. Having said that, cream suede might be risky.

But one word of wisdom for Jigsaw shoes, always try first, I always find I’m a size smaller in Jigsaw shoes.


The party boots – Grenson £121


Well these are the jazziest boots ever. Practical and so shiny, I like to imagine myself wearing these while shopping in some trendy market early on a sunny morning (completely unrealistic on all accounts). But regardless, it’s nice that shoes can inspire you so!


The classy thigh highs – Isabel Marant £351

These will be my next shoe investment purchase. I think they’re to die for. I love having warm knees (not as weird as it sounds), and these classy flat suede thigh highs seem perfect for Spring. They’re warm, a gorgeous colour, and look amazing with almost all coats. But most importantly, they’re the only thigh highs I’ve found that doP00138647--STANDARDn’t give you the dreaded “wrinkly-knee” (a serious sartorial sin).

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and are all now fat and happy (King Curtis style).

Lots of love


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