A wonderful Valentine’s in and some great romantic ideas.

I have always loved Valentine’s Day. Although growing up, I didn’t really_MG_8807 have a choice. My Mum is a big fan, and at school we always had heart shaped sandwiches with home-made pink bread, and heart confetti bursting out of our lunch boxes, and mysteriously question mark signed valentines cards, written, even more mysteriously, in my mums handwriting. I was comfortable that I had the coolest parents at school (I doubt the teachers appreciated it as much).

This year’s was especially good. This year, instead of fighting for a table in a packed out restaurant that is charging double price (justified by a glass of prosecco, of course), we had the inspired idea_MG_8768 of cooking for each other, I made the pudding and cocktails, and Paddy made the main course (which despite my doubt, was delicious).

Yes we both wore hoodies all day, and yes we spent the day eating, drinking and watching rugby, but I think it was my favourite valentines yet!

I made the world’s sickliest (but also my favourite) pudding,_MG_8783 my mums recipe for white chocolate and raspberry torte in little chocolate bowls. And I also made Chambord gin and tonics which looked adorable.

So next time your’e thinking about a special occassion, or just spending a special night with your loved one, why not try it? Pull straws for courses, and keep it a surprise. It’s a lovely thing to do and a great way to make an evening in an occasion to remember.

Lots of love, Lucy.




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