Tans, Glorious Tans -the tans you have to try (and the ones to avoid!)

As all fellow ghosts will attest – finding a tan rather than a tango is incredibly difficult. I consider myself something of a tan connoisseur, my obsession having grown from my first bottle of streaky Johnston’s holiday glow. My gateway drug as it were, has led to the point where fake tan would probably be my desert island ‘thing’ – and believe me the irony of the desert island is not lost on me.

2015 appears to have been a bumper year for the new tan crop, and a few I was seriously impressed with. So here is a compilation of the best and worst, hopefully you can save a few pennies that I’ve spent 😉.

VISAGE VICTOR – Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster (£16.70)

This is succlarins_radiance-plus_golden_glow_boosterh an innovative product, I no longer have to chose between fake tanning and moisturising. This means I no longer have to chose between a tanned but slightly dry crispy face, or a ghostly moisturised one. 2 drops (3 if bold) in your moisturiser before bed, 1 night of trying not to dribble in my sleep, and 1 hydrated and tanned face in the morning. It’s subtle which is great as it means no accidents and you can maintain with 1 drop a night. Don’t be put off by the TINY bottle, it lasts surprisingly long.

ALL ROUND ACE – St Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse (£21.00)1121471

I didn’t think you could beat the St Tropez gradual tanning mousse … And then they created this beauty. It’s a joy to apply (except on your back – that’s never a joy), and goes on dark so you can see where you’ve been. How long you leave it on for depends on how dark you want to be, I normally leave it for 2.5 hours (can’t commit to the ‘dark’ 3), shower, and your tan will start to develop. I find this impressively un-streaky, but you have to remember it will continue to develop for about 8 hours after application (don’t make my mistake of a second coat before an important night).

MAKEUP MUSE – Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light (£28.50)bb_prod_E6XX_290x315_0

This is glorious. It’s not shiny and not orange, and as a pale person these are two pretty major problems with almost all bronzers. You’d struggle to go wrong as long as you get the right shade and it really is perfect for a little sun-kissed glow.


And now, some that I found average at best, and ‘I-can’t-leave-the-house-for-several-days’ at worst. 

SHAMEFUL SHOWER – St Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion (£10.80)sttr0072f_1_m

Great idea – naff product. I used it a few times, and very little happened despite smothering myself in it. And this leads to other problems. You use alot because its running off, and then what about your head? I did my face and hands, but then how do you see the time? I basically found it a bloody nightmare, with little end benefit and you use a whole tube in about 3 applications.

SCOUNDREL SPRAY – L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Express Pro (£14)


Is it just me, or do all spray fake tans leave you with very dark feet?! Added to this, the rather orange shade of this L’Oreal tan, and it really doesn’t make for an attractive look. Rather hobbit-esque. (Not to mention it’s pretty expensive for L’oreal.)


GHASTLY GELS – Clinique Face Bronzing Gel Tint (£18), Lancome Flash Bronzer Legs Gel (£23.37)11077936-1534337655203568

Both of these gels were a huge disapointment – for exactly the same41qaurB43sL._SY300_ reasons. The
y both smelt funny (I’ve grown fond of the normal biscuitty smell) and were both very streaky, especially the Lancome
one. It’s a shame because I found the Lancome face gel pretty good, but these were both plain weird.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on best/worst tans you’ve tried (and especially your horror stories) as I’m always on the hunt for the *perfect* fake tan!

Lots of love


8 thoughts on “Tans, Glorious Tans -the tans you have to try (and the ones to avoid!)

    1. Really?! I have never tried the St Moriz, although a lot of my friends use it. I’ve always thought it was for people who already have a bit of a tan, might be a bit too dark for my VERY pale skin!

      Thanks for reading! Lucy x


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