A reasonably comprehensive guide to surviving a New Year’s Eve hangover

Now, supposedly, the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink in moderation and alternate between an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic one. But realistically, it’s New Year’s Eve, and anyway you’ll probably *need* to drink to deal with the horrible disappointment that NYE normally brings.

So here is a list of my best tips, god knows we’ll all need them, to deal with the hangover and the deep fear/doom that January 1 will bring to us all.

Firstly, you should always eat something before. Not eating to get drunk quicker is only acceptable if you’re a student, and I have missed seeing in the New Year by missing this vital step. Supposedly drinking a glass of milk will have the same stomach-lining effect but I hate milk. Yuck.

Secondly, and I guess this changes from person to person but try not to drink *too* much bubbly. Everyone has that drink that makes them feel bloody awful the next day but I reckon there’s some science in avoiding the bubbly (something about the alcohol absorbing faster blah blah etc etc). Having said that, it’s New Year’s Eve so probably ignore this.

Similarly, try not to mix too much, and stick to what you get on with. Personally, I’m a grumpy wine drunk and a much nicer gin drunk!

Afterwards, if you are in any state, try to drink water before bed. I try and leave a bottle (of water) by my bed before I go out so at the very least if I wake up in the night dying of dehydrating I don’t have to venture out of my bed.

And if you’re a really perfect person (read annoying) take off your makeup and smother yourself in moisturiser. The few nights I’ve remembered to do this it’s made a huge difference because it helps rehydrate your skin (fewer scaley patches in the morning).

The morning after… shower ASAP. I always make the mistake of wallowing in a horrible pit of self-loathing for half the day, but if you shower and eat you’ll feel much more human, much quicker. A long shower and a good hair mask/moisturise will make you look (and thus feel) better.

I always then have a pain killer and a ginger tea because it is amazing at settling a tummy. And apparently, eating something sugary helps with the shakes so I always have a Lucozade because it’s full of electrolytes and sugar. Then a fry-up is due. It’s difficult to say whether this makes you feel better or worse to be honest but it tastes good and helps alleviate the self-pity. Then go for a walk if you can face it or curl up and wallow some more if you can’t.



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