The very best of Christmas Jumpers

Christmas had definitely arrived. No, there’s no snow, just rain and sludgey mud, but the spirit is here! It’s been a long day of Christmas shopping, Christmas tree picking, and singing all the wrong words to many, ~many~ Christmas songs. And I got two, no *three* compliments on my Christmas ju_MG_0311 (2)mper (although I think some might have been sarcastic..)

And here it is, a last year Topshop one (as modelled by me, choosing my Christmas tree).

So here’s a list of the best I’ve seen.


The Joker – by Hymn – £50

aw15_sproutPerfect for the classic joker-cum-Christmas lover. Best for those who love Brussel sprouts, or irony. Click here.


The sarcastic, drunk one -by Ellie Ellie – £29

We all know that person. Click here.



The Animal Lover – by Joules – £49.95

An acceptable/adorable way to combine your lov9036680036382e of animals with your Christmas spirit. (Joules have plenty of other lovely festive jumpers too). Click here. 

The Most Fabulous Jumper I have ever seen and is definitely on my Christmas list626550_in_pp (Father Christmas..?)

By Elizabeth and James – £395

Sadly, I don’t think I’ve been goo enough, has anyone?! Oh the sartorial glory. Find it here.

The Classy One – The White Company – now £77

Sparkly, beautiful anSBCJU_46_MAIN.jpgd wearable all year round. The classiest of the lot, for people who probably know a lot about wine and have a colour theme for Christmas. Click here.



The Shiny One – Warehouse – now £36.80

This is adorable. Affordable and super christmassy, with lots and lots of sequins.  Click here.


Happy Christmassing! 



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