An Introduction

When I told my parents I was starting a lifestyle blog the only comment they had was: ‘well you’ll have to get a life first’. I think that really says it all.

This is me: _MG_0198.JPG

Currently social-life-less I spend my days trawling the beautifully (abrasively) perfect lifestyle blogs, wondering why these people are so tanned and skinny, while they sit on a beach with a kale smoothie, and I cry into another bowl of chocolate fondue consumed from my bed.

SO, this blog is going to document my attempt at getting the perfect insta-life, and a good place to start is a list of things that are up for improvement (this list is transferrable to all those with similar life problems):

Firstly, my diet. I regularly wonder whether I could get thinner by only eating chocolate and forgoing all other foods. This isn’t healthy (and probably wouldn’t work). I highly doubt these perfect people eat chocolate, they probably just get their kicks from smelling it like Karl Lagerfeld. So any healthy recipes I discover will be blogged, but only if they still pass the ‘acceptably delicious’ test.

Secondly, and probably the most vital, is, as my dad pointed out, the fact that I don’t go out. Hardly ever. And this leads to little interest in washing my hair. Which is unpleasant. This will be targeted with an active social calendar which I will search the internet to find and blog the stuff worth exploring.

Other limitations on perfectness include: bad skin, horrid lack of exercise, addiction to spending hours googling kittens and other baby animals, (potentially) diagnosable addiction to eBay.

Solutions will be thoroughly investigated and blogged about, including fashion tips I learn, beauty hacks, horribly unhealthy recipes for ~those~ days (every day), things that are actually worth leaving the house for (and those that aren’t), and anything else that will help me!

So stay tuned. If you want. Its up to you.


5 thoughts on “An Introduction

  1. Hello thank you for liking something on my site! I can’t wait to read more posts.. I have to laugh when you brought up washing hair… Lol I have my story’s about that to.. that my husband would think I’m crazy for telling people oh well!!! Have a great night!!


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